Army & Navy Club

Army & Navy Club of Manchester, CT. Veteran memberships, bingo, setback tournaments and hall rentals are available. Book your next event with us today!

Membership Application Form

Recently( 6 Months) discharged Veterans will receive a free one year membership.

The Army and Navy Club welcomes new members.  Membership requires that a candidate be an American Citizen, discharged under honorable conditions from the military forces of the United States, or have served on ships of the Merchant Marines from December 7, 1941 to August 15, 1945.

 A limited number of Associate Memberships are available to descendants of veterans. 

Applicants shall pay an initial fee of ten dollars ($10.00) plus current annual dues of forty dollars ($40.00)

Initial Application Fee $10.00

Annual Dues    $40.00


After submitting your application online please send in your check for $50.00 and a copy of your DD214 to:

Army & Navy Club

Attn:  Mary Beth Williams

1090 Main Street

Manchester, CT06040





Application For Membership in the Army and Navy Club, Inc. *
Application For Membership in the Army and Navy Club, Inc.
I hereby apply for membership in the Army and Navy Club, Inc. I was discharged from (branch of service):
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I hereby subscribe to the above, and assume this obligation in good faith. This club is located in Manchester, CT.