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 Organization, By-Laws & Rules



This group will be officially know as the Army Navy Club Golf League



The objective mission of this group is to play organized and competitive team golf in association with other league members in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship.



Players, including substitutes, must be male, and at least 18 years of age.

A team may be comprised of two non-club members upon approval of the league officers

Registration for the new season is conducted annually at the Army Navy Golf League Banquet.

New Members/Teams wishing to play will be placed on a waiting list. Solicitations for new members are made through the ANC Newsletter.



Annually the league membership will elect, by simple majority, three officers; a President, Secretary and Treasurer, for a one year term.  This process will be conducted during the league banquet at the end of the season.





·         Schedule and preside at all meetings and banquets

·         Verify and enforce membership rules

·         Determine the playing season

·         Act as the liaison with Tallwood Country Club

·         Jointly with other league officers rule on all organizational and business matters



·         Set up a balanced league to promote equality in competition

·         Maintain league standings and player handicaps

·         Develop and publish playing schedules.

·         Provide the Treasurer with final league results for monetary prize distribution

·         Perform other secretarial duties as required

·         Jointly with the other league Officers rule on all organizational and business matters.



·         Develop and present a current year operating budget

·         Set and collect dues for the current year.

·         Organize and promote annual banquet.

·         Disburse funds as necessary for monetaryprizes, playoff money, etc

·         Develop and present end of season operating statement.

·         Jointly with the other league Officers rule on all organizational and business matters.




PRESIDENT:  Will be compensated a sum equal to ½ cart fee x the number of scheduled weeks of play.

SECRETARY:  Will be compensated a sum equal to ½ cart fee x the number of scheduled weeks of play. In addition to an annual fee recommended by the Treasurer and approved by league membership.

TREASURER:  Will be compensated a sum equal to ½ cart fee x the number of scheduled weeks of play.




Annually the league membership will elect, by simple majority, three (3) members of the league to a one (1) year non-compensated term.



 Three league members will be elected annually to serve on this committee

They will govern play in case of rain or other inclement weather.

They will resolve all issues regarding conduct, infractions, and rules interpretations prior to the next round of play.



 Teams that forfeit more than two matches may be disqualified from further play and could forfeit all dues and prize moneys. The secretary will notify the President when this occurs.  A warning from the league President will be given to a team that forfeits matches.

Teams forfeiting matches will loose their favorable status when new teams are selected for the following year.



Protests or grievances should be submitted in writing to a League Officer prior to next week’s play.  The Rules Committee will act and rule on the issue prior to the next scheduled round


A substitute will be permitted to play as part of a team and allowed to earn points for the Regular Season Round Play. He must be accompanied by one of the team’s members.

Generally substitutes are not allowed to play in a League Play-Off. If there are extenuating circumstances, i.e., injury, death, etc., the League President will rule on the eligibility after examining the circumstances under which a substitute is requested. Only substitutes with an official league handicap will be allowed to participate.



Per review, with great discussion, the Match Card process has been reinstated by the Membership in attendance at the 2003 Annual League Meeting. A team will be allowed to match cards for one Round of play per half season. It is the responsibility of the team who wishes to match cards to obtain approval to do so from their scheduled opponents. Opponents have the option to accept or deny a match card request. Upon opponent’s approval, the requesting team must notify the League Secretary prior to the day of the scheduled match so that this action can be properly posted, and will allow concerned teams to be better informed on Round Points Status. Matching of cards will not be allowed to exceed beyond a scheduled Round of play. Teams must match cards on the same side (front/back) the match was scheduled on. Matching Cards can be scheduled prior to the scheduled round of play, but the League Secretary must be notified in advance of this scheduled option.



A)                Always assume that play is on. Team members must report to Tallwood for verification. (DO NOT CALL Tallwood for verification)

B)                The weather is bad, the Rules Committee (or a majority thereof) and/or the Tallwood C.C. Manager will decide on whether or not play will commence. This decision will be made by 4:15 pm on the scheduled evening.

C)                If play is declared “on” by the rules committee and a team elects not to play, that team will forfeit all points.

D)                However, the opposing team must play to earn the forfeited points.

E)                 Rain outs and Rainstorms scores will not count if all teams present were unable to complete seven holes. If this occurs, all league scores for matches that day shall be null and void.



The team with the latest starting time determines the starting time of the match. Check the League roster for listed starting times.

A team not available to start within 15 minutes of their posted starting time will forfeit the match unless prior notification is given to the opposing team.

Substitutes when used must abide by the listed starting time of the match, unless an earlier or later starting time is mutually agreed upon.

The foursome “must be at the tee” in order to reserve a starting position.



Note: USGA rules prevail except as modified by local course rules and the League.

Some common rules and exceptions are listed below:



Are allowed but only in the fairway being played.



No gimmees allowed. Farthest from hole will putt first and continue putting unless stepping in another player’s line would result.



Five (5) minutes is the limit on looking for a lost ball as per USGA.




When the ball is hit into the woods from either the tee or fairway:

If the original ball is found it must be played from the spot found, unless declared an “unplayable lie”. Then see Tallwood CC rule 3. (one stroke penalty)

If the original ball is declared “lost”. Then play the new ball on the fairway (2 club lengths) at the point the ball went into the woods. And take a two-stroke penalty.


When the ball is hit out of bounds or is lost:

Play ball on fairway (2 club lengths) opposite point where ball went out of bounds, no closer to the hole and take a two-stroke penalty.




Must be done before the round begins;

  • The A player has the lower handicap.
  • If both players have the same handicap, then player with the lower adjusted average score will be the A player.
  • If both players have the same Adjusted Average Score, then players themselves decide on who will be A and B players.
  • New players must finish the found to determine their initial handicap; however, the A & B player must be firmly established prior to tee off.
  • If the A & B players are not clearly noted on the scorecard the league secretary will decide based on the scores submitted. 


  • Two players on teach team – six (6) point match

2 points – Net Score – Player A vs Opposing Player A

2 points – Net Score – Player B vs Opposing Player B


  • One player on each team – four (4) point match

2 points – Net Score – Player vs Player

2 points – Net Score – Team 1 vs Team 2


  • One Player – four (4) points

4 points – player must complete round and must not play solo.


  • One Player on Team 1 vs 2 plays on Team 2 – six (6) point match

4 points – automatically for Team 2

2 points – net score – Player A vs Opposing Player A


  • Note:   Win = 2 points,     Tie = 1 point,    Loss = 0 points



The scorecard must be filled out correctly and legibly with total scores computed for each team. Scorecards must be turned in at the Club House immediately following the match. Signing the card validates the scores earned.

A Score card will be rejected if:

  • They are not legible
  • A and B players are not designated properly
  • Substitutes are not clearly named along with his telephone number


No points will be awarded or handicaps computed if a scorecard is not submitted to the League Secretary correctly.


Each Division will play two (2) ten-week rounds.

First half and Second Half Winners for each Division will play off on the 21st week to determine which teams will play for the League Championship. Losers of the Division match will automatically become the League 3rd and 4th place finishers determined by total points won during the regular season.

Division champions will meet in a “playoff” to be held at Tallwood CC prior to the annual banquet to determine the League Champions. The “back nine” at Tallwood will be used for the Championship round. However, if the back nine is not available for play the match will be played on the front nine.

For Established Round & Championship Winners – In the event of a tie after nine holes, the winners will be determined by matching carded scores for the subject events using the Hole Handicap System, hole by hole, (ascending) until the tie is broken.

The “Hole Handicap Rating System” will be utilized to make the sudden death determination. Players handicap strokes will be assigned to each hole for this process.

In the unlikely event of a tie after matching cards hole by hole, the teams will play an additional hole or as many holes that are necessary to break the tie. This “sudden death” play will begin at the first hole of whatever side was played.

Teams not playing for the Division Championship will be invited to participate in a Skins Game Event. A sign up sheet will be available for teams to sign up for this event. This is a net score competition.



Players with existing handicaps will start the new season with last year’s handicap that was established at the end of the Regular Seasons play.

Established Handicap Players: The Army Navy Golf League handicap is computed every  week as follows: 

The USGA Equitable Stroke Control will be used to determine a player’s handicap. The handicap will be based upon the last 10 rounds of golf. Four of the highest scores are discarded.  Therefore the 6 lowest scores of the last 10 rounds are used to calculate the player’s handicap.

Non-Established Handicap Players: Must determine on the tee which players will be the “A” or “B” player for the round to be played. At the end of the round the new player’s handicap will be determined as follows:

  • Subtract the score of par (35 or 37 based on which side was played) from the Gross Score shot by the player in question.
  • Use this difference to determine how many per hole will be allowed.
  • Adjust the Gross Score based on the strokes allowed per hole by the Handicap Management System to obtain the new Adjusted Gross Score.
  • Subtract 34.5 from the Adjusted Gross Score, and multiply the result by 80%.
  • If the player in question has already established other adjusted scores you add the lowest four of the last five scores and divide by the appropriate number of score to obtain the Adjusted Gross Score Average.
  • If a player who has five or less rounds of golf posted in the ANC Golf League over the previous 12 months and has a current USGA handicap established then that handicap rating will be used for scoring the round.

Handicaps for new players will be initially established after Round 1. This handicap will be used for Round 2. Round 1 & 2 adjusted scores will be averaged to compute a handicap for round 3 and so forth until round 5 is completed, then the lowest 4 of 5 system takes over.

Handicap Management: (equitable stroke control) limits the number of strokes on any given hole that can affect a golfer’s handicap. This limitation prevents a golfer’s handicap from being influenced by a score, which is much higher than his ability would indicate.

Handicap Management is not applied to determine which player wins the round. The actual number of strokes taken by each player/team determines the winner of the round. The League Secretary will adjust the scores prior to the next round of play.

Handicap Management (9 Holes) – for Figuring Adjusted Scores:

The following is the maximum strokes allowed per hole:

Players Handicaps                   Strokes Allowed

            0 thru 4                                                DB

            5 thru 9                                                7

            10 thru 14                                             8

            15 thru 19                                             9

            20 thru 24                                            10

            25 and above                                      11




Changes to the organizational structure, bylaws and rules of this league must be approved by majority vote of the membership in attendance at the Annual Meeting.    

Proposed amendments to the rules and by-laws of this league must be submitted in writing to any league officer prior to the last scheduled round of the current season’s play.

The proposed amendment will be presented to the general membership for discussion and vote at the league’s annual meeting.



It was agreed by the membership in attendance at the 2001 Annual Meeting that only Money Awards will be handed out at the Annual Banquet.

Monetary awards will be made to the 1st Half Winners, the 2nd Half Winners, the Semi Final Winners in each Division and finally to the Championship team.

Teams up to 15 positions will be given prorated monitory awards based on total points won for the First & Second Rounds of Regular Season play.



Effective April 2016:  Any golfer whose age is 70 years or more will be authorized to tee the ball from the gold tee marker.