Army & Navy Club

Army & Navy Club of Manchester, CT. Veteran memberships, bingo, setback tournaments and hall rentals are available. Book your next event with us today!

Army Navy Club Staff

President                                                Tom Stough  
Vice President                                         Vacant       
Treasurer                                               Bob Williams
Assistant Treasurer                          (acting) Bill Flagg
Secretary                                                Terri Keesler
Assistant Secretary                           Vacant
Financial Secretary                              Mary Beth Williams
Chaplain                                                  Louis Ciccaglione
Sgt. at Arms                                               Al Packer


Board of Governors

Nate Agostinelli - Kirk Allison - Rich Dabate - William Dolan  - Bill Flagg

Marty Klukas - Dave Krinjak - Peter Miller - Mike Neddo


The Army Navy Club email address is