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Army & Navy Club of Manchester, CT. Veteran memberships, bingo, setback tournaments and hall rentals are available. Book your next event with us today!

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The Army and Navy Club is a non-profit organization.

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Membership is available to all United States veterans.  A limited number of Associate Memberships are available to descendants of veterans.   Please visit our Membership Application for more details.

Our  Hall is available for rental for weddings, parties and other events that are not in conflict with our current club functions. 

The Public Events calendar may have some new events that are of interest to you.

Please call us at  (860) 646-9133 or (860) 289-5517 for reservations, or send email to

You may use your own caterer or the Army Navy Club catering service is also available.

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This Is Not Your Typical Veterans Organization 

    The Army and Navy Club of Manchester, Connecticut is experiencing the same difficulty as most veterans organizations throughout the country. Membership is decreasing. The Club lost its last WW I veteran several years back, the WW II veterans are dying off as are many Korean War vets, Vietnam era veterans were not big on joining veterans organizations upon return from active duty, and there are just not that many people serving in the armed forces as there once was.

     At one point the Army and Navy Club had well over 2000 members. Today its membership is just 400 strong. In actuality this is a much larger membership than most clubs in the area. This can be attributed to the fact that this is not your typical veterans organization.  The Army and Navy Club is strictly a local organization. It has no national affiliation. It has no political agenda and was founded primarily to promote comradeship between veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

The club, which is located at 1090 Main Street in Manchester, was founded in 1919 for returning World War I veterans. The Cheney Brothers Textile Mills donated the property on which the club stands. Local businesses and citizens donated building materials and labor. The club has opened its membership to veterans of all our wars. The original members have gone the way of all good soldiers but the organization remains active in many patriotic and civic causes.

There is a range of activities sponsored by the Club. There are card tournaments, D.J. dances and bus trips offered periodically. There is a weekly set back league, a dart league, a shuffleboard league and golf league. Bingo is held every Saturday night throughout the year at 6:30 p.m. The Club bar is open on a regularly scheduled basis five days a week (closed Thursdays & Sundays). Drink prices are extremely reasonable.

Military personnel and veterans interested in membership may contact us at (860) 646-9133, or submit a membership application from this website.